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Is it Worth It: Four Risks You Expose Yourself To When You DIY

The age of the internet has made blueprints, plans, and information very accessible for anyone with a connection. While this is not inherently bad, an unforeseen issue has arisen: the rise of the DIY army. The sheer number of people who have decided that since they can just watch a video or read an article that will teach them how to build a particular thing have sky-rocketed and this has become rather problematic.

The trouble with the rise of those that DIY (do it yourself), they expose themselves to certain risks. Like:

Shoddy Craftsmanship

One of the more common mistakes that we have come across is the fact that a lot of those that DIY do not have the skills or materials needed to build strong security screens. So what they end up with is either an unfinished project or a substandard finished project.

When a security screen is not built well, it is easy to compromise. So rather than giving you the safety and security that you desire, you end up providing a good reason for criminals to target your home.


A false sense of expertise is often something that we find in those that have chosen to DIY. They feel that since they have the theory and the blueprints on hand that it will all work out. In an ideal world, that could possibly work. However, this is the real world.

More often than not, they end up handling tools that they are not suitably trained for and end up having accidents that can frankly cost digits and limbs.

Property Damage

One of the biggest problems with those that DIY is the fact that they are often not content with trying to build their own security screen. They often try to install it themselves as well. When an installation goes wrong, you can actually damage the doors or windows that you are trying to fit it to.

So rather than improving your home’s safety or property value, you invariably damage it.

Always Remember

There is no denying the fact that if you want quality work done for your home or property, you must be willing to pay a nominal or even a high fee.  After all, the experts that are able to provide you with quality service have allotted years of their life to learn the ins and outs of the craft in order to be the best. It is only right that they should be compensated for their expertise.

When you DIY (do it yourself) you expose yourself to a lot of potential and very real dangers. Take a look at the few that we listed off above. Which one would you be willing to expose your home, family, and self to?

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