Adding Years the Right Way: How to Properly Care for Your Security Screens

When it comes to the survivability of your security screens, it is down to two things: what it is made of and how you care for it. If you want to make sure that your security screens last a long time, you’d better be aware of how to care for it properly.  Today, this will be the focus of our discourse. We want to give you guys some pretty useful tips that you can utilize when it comes to caring for the different parts security screens.


Security screens often have latches or hinges to secure it unto surfaces or to make sure that they move suitably as required. For those who do not make this a part of their usual practice, you should consider looking into silicone sprays to suitably lubricate the hinges of screens (especially if you ordered them to swing open and closed). The usual schedule for hinges is around three to around four months.

Making sure that the hinges are suitably lubricated can help to avoid any wear and tear through utilization.

Screen Frames Made of Iron

A common enough mistake that a lot of people make is to hose down iron with water. While it is true that iron does benefit from a good cleaning every now and then, there is a rather specific way to go at it. We suggest that you make use of warm soapy water and a sponge. A special note of consideration is to never let any form of moisture stay on the surface of iron.

When moisture is allowed to stay on iron, it can corrode or rust.


Your security screens benefit from a cleaning every now and then. The same way that you treat iron frames, you do not use any excessive water force so using a pressure hose is out of the question. Instead, consider washing the screen with a sponge, soap, and water.

If you aren’t particularly sure of how best to care for your security screens, it would be to your benefit to ask your provider for more tips.

Always Remember

Caring for your security screens should be part of your home maintenance routine. When you care for your security screens, you add decades to their use and durability. When your security screens are always in their top form, you can be sure that they will perform in accordance to your needs. After all, you cannot expect your security screen to work if it is not cared for properly.

If you have security screens in your home now, when was the last time it was included in your home care routine?

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