What’s at Stake: Why Homes in Perth Need Security Screens

When it comes to your home, the safety of everyone is usually forefront in the mind of the owner. We do what we can to ensure our homes are safe from the inside, yes. However, have you given thought about the threats from the outside?

In an ideal world, there would be no outside threats. Wouldn’t that be grand? While that would be great, we all need to open our eyes to the reality. There are things out there that can and will hurt us if we let it. Today, we take a look at some very solid reasons why homes in Perth need security screens.

Crime Rate

In the year 2016 to 2017, crime statistics have reported around 26,732 cases of dwelling robberies in the Perth area alone. Property Damage crime had around 34,260 cases. We don’t know about you but that is one too many for our taste.

Pests and Wildlife

Perth is a great area to live in. We are blessed with a pretty large variety of animals—both domestic and wild. People carve out their homes out of the lay of the land. Sometimes, that very land was previously occupied by something else.

Or with the weather and climate changing the way it is, it is even more likely that an animal will find its way toward your home in its quest to look for shelter.

Always Remember

Security screens provide your home with an extra boost in its being impenetrable. Your home is only as safe as you choose it to be. If you are completely fine with regular doors, breakable glass windows, and basic gates for your property, you cannot exactly expect the very best security. When you make your home extra safe that is when peace of mind comes. You can be rest assured that even if you are not in your home, it is safe.

Do you think your home is as secure as it can be?

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