featured10 - Buyer Tips: What You Should Ask Your Security Service Provider

Buyer Tips: What You Should Ask Your Security Service Provider

In your search for the best sort of security screen and security service provider, you should come equipped with certain questions. They will help you determine if you are looking at the right place. Here are a few questions you can carry with you when you are screening for a security service provider:

How long have you been in business?

Asking how long a business has been going is one of the more basic questions you can ask and they should, frankly speaking, have a clear response for you. When you are looking to obtain extra security measures for your property, it would only make sense to go to someone who will know what they will be doing.

Having experience is one of the hallmarks of great service.

What security screen options are available?

There are a lot of different types of security screens available for Perth. Not every service provider will have them. If you aren’t sure which one would be the best fit for you, the service provider should be able to give you a clear idea how each is different.

At the start, they should start to get to know your client profile. They should be interested in what sort of security screens you need in order to fit it properly. They should be able to satisfactorily explain the differences between the brands available in the market today.

How long do their warranties last?

One of the best hallmarks of a good business is the longevity of their warranties. If their products come with short or no warranties, you shouldn’t really risk patronizing their business. High quality manufacturers all have specified warranty for their products which should be upheld by the distributor.

How much would a particular package cost?

Any business should be clear at how much their services will cost you. They can be able to say that it will depend on several things like:

  • Your location
  • How many screens will be bought
  • If you will ask them to install it for you
  • The brand of screens you buy

However, they should still be able to give you an overhead figure when you give them an idea of the sort of service that you want. If they are in anyway unclear about their pricing prior to your agreement, you should be warned.

Always Remember

There are a lot of good security service providers in Perth. You just need to know what sort of questions you can ask in order to discern the fact that you are talking to one.

Which questions do you ask a potential security screen service provider?

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featured9 - Adding Years the Right Way: How to Properly Care for Your Security Screens

Adding Years the Right Way: How to Properly Care for Your Security Screens

When it comes to the survivability of your security screens, it is down to two things: what it is made of and how you care for it. If you want to make sure that your security screens last a long time, you’d better be aware of how to care for it properly.  Today, this will be the focus of our discourse. We want to give you guys some pretty useful tips that you can utilize when it comes to caring for the different parts security screens.


Security screens often have latches or hinges to secure it unto surfaces or to make sure that they move suitably as required. For those who do not make this a part of their usual practice, you should consider looking into silicone sprays to suitably lubricate the hinges of screens (especially if you ordered them to swing open and closed). The usual schedule for hinges is around three to around four months.

Making sure that the hinges are suitably lubricated can help to avoid any wear and tear through utilization.

Screen Frames Made of Iron

A common enough mistake that a lot of people make is to hose down iron with water. While it is true that iron does benefit from a good cleaning every now and then, there is a rather specific way to go at it. We suggest that you make use of warm soapy water and a sponge. A special note of consideration is to never let any form of moisture stay on the surface of iron.

When moisture is allowed to stay on iron, it can corrode or rust.


Your security screens benefit from a cleaning every now and then. The same way that you treat iron frames, you do not use any excessive water force so using a pressure hose is out of the question. Instead, consider washing the screen with a sponge, soap, and water.

If you aren’t particularly sure of how best to care for your security screens, it would be to your benefit to ask your provider for more tips.

Always Remember

Caring for your security screens should be part of your home maintenance routine. When you care for your security screens, you add decades to their use and durability. When your security screens are always in their top form, you can be sure that they will perform in accordance to your needs. After all, you cannot expect your security screen to work if it is not cared for properly.

If you have security screens in your home now, when was the last time it was included in your home care routine?

featured5 - Material Matters: Things You Should Expect From Your Security Screens

Material Matters: Things You Should Expect From Your Security Screens

When it comes to the sort of security screen that you choose to install in your home or business property, it is important that you have high standards regarding it. The trouble is, not a lot of people know what those ‘high standards’ should consider. This is what we want to discuss with today’s discussion.

Let’s take a closer look at what you should inspect and expect from your security screens.


First off is you should check how durable the material of the security screen is. As the screen is going to be exposed to the changing outdoor elements, you need to make sure that it will not corrode over time. In order to make sure that what you get is durable, you need to be truly part of the selection process.

Get to know your security provider. Know from the start what sort of materials they use for their screens. There are those that offer substandard materials or say that a mesh screen is good enough. Please be aware that this is never enough. Never let mesh be chosen for any security screen for you home. Mesh can be easily cut with a knife.

Sturdy Framework

The frame of the screen itself should be tough. It should not be something that will get bent out of shape after a few good whacks. You should expect material aluminum despite their higher price tag. If you would like to avoid the hefty price tag, you can choose to go with a steel frame—just make sure that it is treated properly before.

If steel is handled incorrectly, it may not be as strong as it should be.

Screens That Do Not Break

It would only be logical for the screens of the security screen to be tough and not break easily. While you consider how tough the screen is, you have to check the visibility from both sides. A security screen should provide privacy to anyone viewing from the outside. Those on the inside should be able to have full visibility of anything going on outside.

A sort of one-way mirror, so to speak! If you cannot view clearly on both sides of the screen, you need to reject that outright.

Always Remember

The type of screen that you choose for your home will greatly effect how secure you actually feel in it. When you choose something substandard, you can hardly expect to have the benefits that a security screen would normally have. If you want to provide the very best for your home or property, only work with the best. This way you can be certain that they will never bill you high and provide you with substandard work that compromise your safety or the security of your home and your family.

What do you look for when you inspect potential security screens for your home?