Material Matters: Things You Should Expect From Your Security Screens

When it comes to the sort of security screen that you choose to install in your home or business property, it is important that you have high standards regarding it. The trouble is, not a lot of people know what those ‘high standards’ should consider. This is what we want to discuss with today’s discussion.

Let’s take a closer look at what you should inspect and expect from your security screens.


First off is you should check how durable the material of the security screen is. As the screen is going to be exposed to the changing outdoor elements, you need to make sure that it will not corrode over time. In order to make sure that what you get is durable, you need to be truly part of the selection process.

Get to know your security provider. Know from the start what sort of materials they use for their screens. There are those that offer substandard materials or say that a mesh screen is good enough. Please be aware that this is never enough. Never let mesh be chosen for any security screen for you home. Mesh can be easily cut with a knife.

Sturdy Framework

The frame of the screen itself should be tough. It should not be something that will get bent out of shape after a few good whacks. You should expect material aluminum despite their higher price tag. If you would like to avoid the hefty price tag, you can choose to go with a steel frame—just make sure that it is treated properly before.

If steel is handled incorrectly, it may not be as strong as it should be.

Screens That Do Not Break

It would only be logical for the screens of the security screen to be tough and not break easily. While you consider how tough the screen is, you have to check the visibility from both sides. A security screen should provide privacy to anyone viewing from the outside. Those on the inside should be able to have full visibility of anything going on outside.

A sort of one-way mirror, so to speak! If you cannot view clearly on both sides of the screen, you need to reject that outright.

Always Remember

The type of screen that you choose for your home will greatly effect how secure you actually feel in it. When you choose something substandard, you can hardly expect to have the benefits that a security screen would normally have. If you want to provide the very best for your home or property, only work with the best. This way you can be certain that they will never bill you high and provide you with substandard work that compromise your safety or the security of your home and your family.

What do you look for when you inspect potential security screens for your home?

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